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Computer Hard Drive Recovery

No matter where you’re located when you experience a failed hard drive, your absolute best chance for retrieval is to use the services of an expert computer hard drive data recovery company!

With so many so-called “professionals” to choose from and no agency regulating our industry, how do you know who to trust? Why not turn to someone with a proven track record, an ethical business model, and award-winning customer service?

Now you can! In over 8 years in business, DigitalMedix™ has successfully recovered data from failed computer hard drives for thousands of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to end users at home — all while maintaining a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau!

Go with the data recovery professionals you can trust. DigitalMedix.
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martino“Just six months after firing up my new computer…the drive crashed, and I subsequently lost 5 years of my data! The company that built my computer said there was “no hope”. They said the drive appeared to be so badly damaged that they couldn’t read anything on it. That’s when I found DIGITALMEDIX, they recovered most of my data! Keep up the good work!”
~Tom Martino, Nationally Syndicated Consumer Advocate on Radio, TV and Internet

Saving Your Computer Hard Drive Data

After many years and thousands of clients, two common questions are asked:


How long does it take?

90% of all jobs fall into the following time frames:

Logical Failure

A logical failure is when your computer has become compromised by virus and spyware attacks, or user errors such as accidental deletion and formats, and also your operating system becoming corrupt through updates for security, etc. This type of corruption normally attacks the computer’s ability to boot properly, thus denying access to your files. Logical failures are very common, and data can be retrieved in most cases; Of course this is dependent upon what has been done since the failure occurred.

24 hours or less*
Physical Failure

A physical failure is when your hard drive has experienced mechanical or electrical damage. Physical damage can be caused by power spikes or sags, weather pattern changes including lightning strikes and barometric pressure shifts, and/or the drive dying on its own.

Our Electrical Engineers perform these physical repairs in our Class100 Clean Room to uphold data integrity and drive warranty. All hard drives are manufactured in a sterile cleanroom environment. During the process, the drives are hermetically sealed to prevent outside particles from entering the drive casing; this is why a cleanroom is necessary.
Do not let anyone open your drive without a cleanroom!

24-72 hours**

* Larger drives can take longer to image
** When replacement parts are necessary, or media damage is extensive, this can delay the recovery time

  • All Media & Operating Systems Supported — From Apple to Zip
  • Guaranteed Not to Void Your Drive Manufacters Warranty
  • Class 100 Clean Room Facility — No improperly handled media
  • Guaranteed FREE Immediate Initial Diagnosis — With no obligation
  • 100% Service Guarantee — No data, no service fee
  • We Support Enterprise to End-users — No job is too big or too small
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients — Including Avaya, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Equifax, Gates, HP, Frontier Airlines, IBM, Jeppesen, Kinkos, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft and more…


Others questions that you may have:

Not all data recovery companies are equal. It is important that you take the time to read this thoroughly, so you have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and realistic expectations.

Do you have a Class100 Clean Room?

Yes. We have 3rd Party Certified anti-static, ionized, built-in Class100 Clean Room. Need proof? Click here

What is a Class100 Clean Room?

A Class100 Clean Room is a special area reserved to filter out common particles that can damage the intricate workings of a hard drive head mechanism. In order to honor drive manufacturer’s warranties, you need a Class100 clean room. A Class100 Clean Room must possess no more than 100 particles, per million air units, at .3 micron or smaller (smaller than cigarette smoke).

How secure is my data at DigitalMedix?

At DigitalMedix , your privacy is of the utmost importance. We take every precaution to ensure that your data is kept safe in our secure facility. Our building is monitored 24/7 by a video surveillance alarm system, and all employees are subjected to a thorough background investigation before employment. DigitalMedix further insures that your data confidentiality is upheld by keeping all recovery systems and servers offline.

Will this void my warranty?

Absolutely not! We gaurantee all drive manufacturers recognize DigitalMedix to open and repair their drives for the sake of data recovery.

Our Guarantee:

DigitalMedix has a 100% service guarantee. “If we don’t recover the data that you specifically request, there are no service charges.”

How long have you been in business?

DigitalMedix is in its 9th year in business. Prior to foundingDigitalMedix, the owner was co-owner of two other data recovery companies.


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We strive to continually improve our client’s experience. We have successfully recovered data for thousands of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 to end users at home — all while maintaining a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau!