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No matter where you’re located, when you experience a data loss situation your absolute best chance for retrieval is to use the services of an expert RAID data recovery company!

With so many so-called “professionals” to choose from and no agency regulating our industry, how do you know who to trust? Why not turn to someone with a proven track record, an ethical business model, and award-winning customer service?

Now you can! In over 8 years in business, DigitalMedix has successfully recovered data for thousands of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to end users at home – all while maintaining a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau!

Go with the RAID data recovery experts you can trust. DigitalMedix.

The clear choice. The ethical choice. The ONLY choice!

martino“Just six months after firing up my new computer…the drive crashed, and I subsequently lost 5 years of my data! The company that built my computer said there was “no hope”. They said the drive appeared to be so badly damaged that they couldn’t read anything on it. That’s when I found DIGITALMEDIX, they recovered most of my data! Keep up the good work!”
~Tom Martino, Nationally Syndicated Consumer Advocate on Radio, TV and Internet

Saving Your RAID Array Data

Saving Your RAID Array Data

The most important thing to understand when experiencing a RAID failure situation is this: Do Not RE-Instantiate (re-write the stripe) the Array! Doing so ALWAYS changes the original configuration, ultimately resulting in a complete data loss…PERIOD! IF YOU MUST HAVE YOUR DATA, PLEASE STOP AND CALL US FIRST! (866)344-6339

At DigitalMedix , we understand how essential data is; whether, for mission critical applications for businesses, or irreplaceable photos and videos for end users. Our expert RAID data recovery engineers are highly trained at decompiling RAID stripes to determine parity rotation, stripe size and entropy, partition type, and volume sizes; a skill very few RAID data recovery engineers possess. We have a proven track record for recovering data from corrupt or physically failed RAID Arrays, all the while maintaining an impeccable service record with the BBB. Please see our testimonials to the right and click on the Better Business Bureau link on the bottom left of this page for current status.

What we ask of you:

1) Stop… and call us toll free at (866)344-6339 to talk to an engineer about your job to help you avoid total data loss.

2) Identify and mark all drives in order of appearance in the array (ie. 0,1,2,3,4, etc.)

3) Please provide us with the RAID controller card (if integrated, please bring the entire CPU).

4) Notate file structure (ie. NTFS, UFS, XFS, etc), all directories, files & types, and best estimate of time and date stamps of last file access. This will help in the verification stage as to the integrity of your data.

Due to the extremely complex nature of RAID arrays, we require a non-refundable deposit to begin the evaluation process. Upon completion of the recovery, and acceptance, the evaluation fee will be applied toward the recovery fees. The evaluation fee is determined by the type of array. Not sure of your type of RAID Array? click here

What to expect:

Once we have received your RAID system, it will immediately go into our secure lab for an in-depth diagnosis. This process typically takes 24-48 hours from the time your RAID arrives at DigitalMedix . Once we have determined the problems associated with your array, you will receive a quote (verbal, written, or online) for the total cost of recovery. The quote will inform you of the problems found during the diagnosis and what steps are necessary to recover your data. With your approval, our expert RAID recovery team will proceed with the full data recovery process. At this point, depending on volume size, and return media type, we can usually have your data back in 24 hours.

Just like our single hard drive recoveries, RAID arrays are also included in our“100% Service Guarantee”. If we don’t recover the data you request, there are no service charges. **This does not apply to RAID evaluation fees. This gives you the flexibility you need to determine the right financial decision for your company in that you pay ONLY if the recovery is successful.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Critical RAID Data! For immediate professional RAID recovery assistance, please call us toll-free at 1-866-344-6339.


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We strive to continually improve our client’s experience. We have successfully recovered data for thousands of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 to end users at home — all while maintaining a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau!