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Our professional staff will work around the clock to ensure a timely turnaround on all of your data recovery needs. Whether you are a student that has lost a term paper, an individual with family photos, or a major corporation with multiple hard drive failures in a RAID array, DigitalMedix can help. We offer a full range of data recovery services to fit your needs.

From the hard drive on your home computer, to laptops and camera cards, to servers and RAID arrays, DigitalMedix can recover data from any failed media device. No matter what has happened to your hard drive, the data recovery engineers at DigitalMedix have probably seen it before. From virus corruption, power surges, hurricanes, floods, and lightning strikes, we can recover data you thought to be lost.

martino“Just six months after firing up my new computer…the drive crashed, and I subsequently lost 5 years of my data! The company that built my computer said there was “no hope”. They said the drive appeared to be so badly damaged that they couldn’t read anything on it. That’s when I found DIGITALMEDIX, they recovered most of my data! Keep up the good work!”
~Tom Martino, Nationally Syndicated Consumer Advocate on Radio, TV and Internet

Data Recovery Customer Testimonials

“When our data was at risk due to a failed RAID array, we evaluated backups and determined that data recovery was our only option. DIGITALMEDIX™ really came to the rescue. Their experience with RAID recovery provided the comfort level that we needed to entrust this critical mission to them.

The professional and friendly customer service helped to reduce our stress levels as we waited for the data to be recovered. The facility is clean and well provisioned, and conveniently located.

Our experience was a very positive one, and we recommend DIGITALMEDIX™’s services to anyone with “at risk” data.”

Kent Morrison
Manager, Information Systems
City of Steamboat Springs Colorado

“One of my clients lost a very important high-end RAID array. As a computer specialist, I knew better than to attempt to recover the data myself. So I took it to the engineers at DIGITALMEDIX™. They recovered the RAID array data within 48 hours.”

Eriq Cook, Owner
TEQ Computer Solutions

“I have had many occasions to refer clients to DIGITALMEDIX™® in the last few years. I work with many of these customers after they have their data concerns addressed at DIGITALMEDIX™® and have yet to hear about any negative experiences. I have, however, heard many positives concerning their experiences. I continue to send my clients to DIGITALMEDIX™® for all data concerns and anticipate that continuing for a long period of time. I would not send my customers to any one else for this service.”

Bill Berryman,
Technical Services Mgr.

“As a technical manager I have worked with many data recovery companies. My technicians and I refer any customer with data recovery needs to DIGITALMEDIX™® because we can trust that they will be taken care of with the same prompt and reliable service that my tech shop has been given”.

Michael Jones,
Technical Services Manager

“When the hard drive in my Dad’s laptop crashed, I called Brady at DIGITALMEDIX™ for help. They were able to extract the data files, many of which hadn’t been backed up for some time. The recovery process was quick and effective, just what I needed to avoid having to re-create the collection of stuff Dad had accumulated over the years.”

Lee Woodward, President

“I have been using DIGITALMEDIX™ for two years now. I refer all my clients for data needs. I know they will be treated with professionalism and with the ut-most care when they walk into DIGITALMEDIX™ . Their success rate has been phenomenal and their prices are great. Thanks DIGITALMEDIX™ for all you have done for my team and most of all, our clients.”

Nick McCormick,
Technical Services Sales Manager

“I have been a technician for CompUSA for five years now, and during that time it has been my pleasure to work with DIGITALMEDIX™. I have referred countless customers to them when they needed data recovered and have received nothing but good feedback on the results. DIGITALMEDIX™ has always been professional in their dealings with us and our customers. I will continue to recommend them as a great solution for my customers when they need recovery.”

Ryan Herbst,
A+ Technician

“I have worked with Digital Medix for many years. Their professionalism and expertise put them far above their competitors. I send all of my clients to them needing data recovery, because I am confident that if the data is recoverable, they can do it!”

Trish Bynum, Technical Services Manager
MicroCenter, Denver, CO


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