About DigitalMedix™ Data Recovery Services

An easy way to assess any data recovery company is to look at their Track Record and Technology.

DIGITALMEDIX TRACK RECORD – in business since 1999 in Denver, Colorado. DIGITALMEDIX has successfully served thousands of clients, from giants like EDS and the US Air Force to Moms at home. No data recovery job is too large or too small for DigitalMedix.

DIGITALMEDIX TECHNOLOGY – DigitalMedix has developed a multi-platform technology that has been nominated for several technology awards, a technical process known as Advanced Triage Protocol® or ATP®. Utilization of this technology allows our engineers to immediately diagnose and treat all incoming data recovery jobs much like an Emergency Room physician; by carefully triaging jobs as they come in the door, our engineers are then able to optimize customer service by allocating internal resources efficiently and effectively — which allows us to give every job top priority without the need for rush fees.

martino“Just six months after firing up my new computer…the drive crashed, and I subsequently lost 5 years of my data! The company that built my computer said there was “no hope”. They said the drive appeared to be so badly damaged that they couldn’t read anything on it. That’s when I found DIGITALMEDIX, they recovered most of my data! Keep up the good work!”
~Tom Martino, Nationally Syndicated Consumer Advocate on Radio, TV and Internet

Giving back to the Community

Specializing in the field of data recovery, DigitalMedix has found a unique position in the community that lends itself to helping law enforcement. Our profound understanding of file structures, hard disk drive technology, and malware has made us a valuable resource for investigators, both locally and nationally. This technology is especially critical to those trying to protect our children from sexual predators on the internet. DigitalMedix has been host to many free training seminars designed at helping law enforcement to better understand the field of computer forensic investigations.


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We strive to continually improve our client’s experience. We have successfully recovered data for thousands of clients worldwide, from Fortune 500 to end users at home — all while maintaining a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau!